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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Top three favorite highlighters

Do you like having a pop of highlighter on the tops of your cheeks? Blinding people? Well your gonna love this post! Let's get into this. Top three favorite highlighters I love to use and that you definitely need in your collection. 

Highlighter is definitely my favorite thing to do in my makeup routine, it just kinda completes the look I guess. I have went through quite a few highlighters but I can't live without these ones I'm going to show you all today, these are the ones I reach for on a daily basis! If you don't use highlight in your makeup routine well what are you doing girl? Read this and go treat yourself! :) 

No.1 Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder 

Wow that was a mouthful to write but I know highlighting is my favorite step but if I'm having a natural makeup look or wearing little makeup I don't like to go over the top with highlight so this highlighter is honestly the best thing, It gives the perfect healthy glow and adds that pop that I always look for even if it's just a natural look. It is a baked highlighter and can be used as a subtle shimmer all over your face or as I use it just on my tops of my cheeks. It is also very buildable. I use the shade 010- Light Infusion and guys the best part is it is only 5.50. I cannot recommend this enough it is highly pigmented for the price and gives that perfect glow.

No.2 Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette 
You have definitely heard of this, it is loved by almost everyone and if you haven't heard of it "Girl where have you been" but yes this is just the perfect palette for you. No.1 it is stunning packaging in this mirrored gold very sleek case hence the name haha! No.2 The pigmentation enough said!  It contains 4 highlighters to choose from, one cream, two baked powders and one silky shimmer powder. It is unbelievably pigmented, one swipe and you scream it is just amazing. It is definitely not for the subtle glow lovers for sure it is for the people who just want to blind people it is so bright and shimmery. At first I wasn't sure because of the purple shade and who knew that it is now my favorite shade in the palette. It doesn't come out as a purple shade it is more of like the perfect champagne shade. It is definitely my holy grail drugstore highlighter one of the best out there and that's saying something. Also incredible for inner corner highlight. It is €12.49 and can be bought in Boots or if your in England, Superdrug! 

Ecliptic  this is the cream shade in the palette which is probably the least used for me just because I'm not the biggest fan of the formula but I sometimes do use it over my foundation before powder for a natural look!

Hemisphere My absolute favorite shade just gives that powerful blinding highlight it is a perfect champagne color with a tint of lilac. 

Equinox Baked warm orange shade perfect with a warm smokey eye in my opinion. It is meant to be a dupe for the Becca Champagne Pop, from pictures they look almost identical!

And last but not least:
Subsolar  A gold/yellow shade not as pigmented as hemisphere in my opinion, perfect for inner corner highlight and down the bridge of your nose. 

No.3 Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

Brand new to my collection I have it about 2 weeks nearly and honestly I can't put it down, it is the perfect summer gold shade with a frost finish and the shade is called "You Light up my Life". My sister brought this back for me in Rome, she bought it in Sephora and I'm not sure on the price but I'm guessing from the website it was around 25 and it is so worth it honestly. Pigmentation is just spot on and like I said perfect for summer with a nice coral blush beside it. This is definitely a highlighter that will blind people! Can't recommend this enough. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, these are honestly such amazing highlighters. Let me know down below what your favorite highlighter is? Would you try these highlighters out?  I will see you guys in my next post! 
Megan x



  1. These three sound gorgeous! Everybody seems to love the Sleek palette, and the colours in it look stunning! Must give it a go xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. No.1 looks like a fabulous dupe for The Body Shops baked bronzer! Definitely going to be giving that a try for that price, damn!
    I've been wanting to try one of the Too Faced ones for ages too so after seeing your swatch I might just have to give in to temptation.
    Alice Xx

  3. I absolutely love my sleek palette! So good for everyday use! Really want the too faced one though! xo

    Hanney |

  4. That too faced packaging is absolutely stunning! And it's a lovely shade too! I'm really digging your highlighter choices here.

    Jordanne ||

  5. I love my Sleek Solstice palette! The two faced packaging is beautiful- Lovely post x x

  6. Love this! I have the sleek one and I absolutely love it! I love how all of your products have good pigmentation and are on the affordable side too!

    With love, Tanya x

  7. That too faced one is just gorgeous!! The packaging is stunning too xx

  8. The sleek solstice palette is such a good highlighting palette! The too faced one looks seriously gorgeous as well!

  9. I really need to pick up the Sleek Solstice Palette, it's been on my wishlist for months! Also the Too Faced Highlight looks gorgeous! Xx